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What is a Carver?

The Carver is the ultimate urban vehicle for those who want to travel smarter. The Carver combines the benefits of a car and a scooter into a sensational, new driving experience.

What do I have to watch out for when operating a Carver for the first time?

The Carver behaves differently than any other vehicle you know! It is important to realize that the Carver is an enclosed scooter and not a car. For your own safety and that of others, it is important that you carefully follow these safety instructions:

  • Prevent abrupt steering movements! Correct with smooth steering movements.

  • Take corners from the outside inwards. Remember that the Carver widens when tilting.

  • Adjust your speed to a walking pace when cornering sharply or at an angle, or in dangerous situations.

  • Never deliberately cause the Carver to lose grip.

  • Reduce your speed in windy weather.

  • Acknowledge the acoustic safety signals and adjust your driving behavior immediately.

  • Always remain seated in the Carver, even as a passenger, while moving.

  • Never use the Carver off-road, on unpaved roads/surface.

For whom is the Carver developed?

The Carver is designed for commuters and city dwellers seeking an alternative mobility choice: smarter, more compact, greener, cheaper and more fun.

Where is the Carver designed and manufactured?

The Carver is a Dutch product, meaning that it was designed and developed in the Netherlands. A large part of the production takes place in Southeast Asia. Final assembly, installation of all electrical circuits and final quality control are carried out in our own factory in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands.

Where am I allowed to drive the Carver?

The traffic rules depend on whether your Carver is registered as a microcar (on the registration plate), as a three-wheeled motor vehicle or as a disabled vehicle (on the insurance plate).


Place on the road for moped (Base and R+)

Even though the moped is legally a moped, the moped belongs on the road. This also applies to provincial roads. Maximum speed on the roadway for a moped is 45km/h. Drivers of a moped are not allowed to use highways and freeways. For more information on where you can drive a moped and tips for winding routes, we recommend you to the website of to view.


Place on the road for three-wheeled motorized vehicles (S+)

As a three-wheeled motor vehicle you drive both inside and outside built-up areas on the carriageway where cars drive.

Place on the road for disabled vehicle (Limited)

Drivers of a disabled vehicle use:


  • the sidewalk or footpath (max. 6km/h),

  • On a bicycle or moped track in built-up areas (max. 30km/h),

  • The bicycle/moped path outside of built-up areas (max. 40km/h) or

  • the carriageway (max. 45km/h).

Drivers of disabled vehicles are completely free to choose their place on the road. Drivers of a disabled vehicle may not use highways and freeways.

Note: Legislation for this type of vehicle changes rapidly. So check with the municipality if you are unsure of the rules.

Where am I allowed to park my Carver?

Where you can park depends on how you registered your vehicle. A microcar or three-wheeled motor vehicle may not be parked on the sidewalk. Parking is allowed along the road in regular parking spaces. The parking rules for normal cars also apply to the Carver. With a vehicle for reduced mobility it is allowed to park on the sidewalk (as long as you do not obstruct the passage) or the road. When a vehicle for reduced mobility is parked on the sidewalk, no parking fee has to be paid. If a vehicle for reduced mobility is in a parking space on the road, the same rules apply as for passenger cars. So parking fees must be paid. But drivers of a vehicle for reduced mobility can also use a disabled parking card (if they are entitled to it).

Note: Many municipalities are currently reviewing the legislation on parking for vehicles with an insurance plate. If you are not sure what the rules are, contact the municipality.

From what age can I drive a Carver?

In the Netherlands you may drive the Carver Base and R+ from the age of 16, provided you are in possession of a scooter driving license (AM license). The Carver S+ can be driven from the age of 18, provided that you are in possession of a motorcycle driving license (A) or car driving license (B) from before January 18, 2013.

Which type of driver’s licence do I need?

Because the Carver Base and R+ is classified as a motorized scooter, you may drive the Carver in the Netherlands with your scooter driving license (AM). A car or motorcycle license (A or B) is also sufficient. For the Carver S+ you need a motorcycle driving license (A) or car driving license (B) from before January 18, 2013. If you purchase the Carver as a disabled vehicle, you do not need a driving license to drive the Carver. A car or motorcycle license (A or B) is also sufficient. For the Carver S+ you need a motorcycle driving license (A) or car driving license (B) from before January 18, 2013. If you purchase the Carver as a disabled vehicle, you do not need a driving license to drive the Carver.

Can I drive the Carver/Cargo with a trailer?

It is not permitted to drive the Carver or the Cargo with a trailer.

What certification does the Carver have?

The Carver Base and R+ have European type approval for vehicle class L2e. The Carver S+ has European type approval for vehicle class L5e.

Does the Carver come with a Certificate of Conformity (CoC)?

Yes, we can provide a CoC.


Is the Carver 100% electric?

Yes, the Carver is fully electric.

What is the range of the Carver?

The Carver Base and S+ have a range of 100 km. The Carver R+ has a range of 130 km.

However, there are several factors that affect how far you can go in practice before the battery needs to be recharged. For example, the outside temperature affects how well the battery can hold its charge and this can vary at extreme temperatures. To combat this, the Carver has a heating element in the battery to optimize the temperature, so you are guaranteed the best performance.

In addition, the weight of the vehicle and your driving style also play a role. When driving through hills or through the city with a lot of braking and acceleration, the battery will run down faster than when you drive at a constant speed on flat terrain. In addition, the Carver is equipped with side ventilation, bluetooth connection to the boxes and a usb port for charging your phone. All these features use power from the battery.

What are the dimensions of the Carver?

Carver Base and R+

Dimensions are 2.89 m in length, 1.49 m in height and 98 cm in width.

Carver S+

Dimensions are 2.89 m in length, 2.49 m in height and 1.06 m in width.

What’s the Carver’s maximum speed?

The maximum speed of the Carver Base and R+ is 45km/h. The maximum speed of the Carver S+ is 80km/h.

What kind of engine does the Carver have?

The Carver Base and R+ have an electric motor with a maximum power of 2 x 2 kW and maximum torque of 2 x 150 Nm. The Carver S+ has an electric motor with a maximum power of 2 x 3 kW and a maximum torque of 2 x 150 Nm.

In what colors is the Carver available?

The Carver comes in four colors: gun metal grey, white, blue and tangerine.

What kind of equipment is included in the Carver?

Carver Base

  • 1 dynamic driving mode

  • Bluetooth system

  • Charging cable of 2,7m with 230V

  • PTC side-window heating

  • Front window heating

  • USB-gate

  • Soft-top convertible roof

  • 75 liter luggage space

  • Removable windows

  • Color white

  • Space for 2 people

Carver R+ and S+

  • 3 dynamic driving modes

  • Bluetooth system

  • Charging cable of 2,7m with 230V

  • PTC side-window heating

  • Front window heating

  • USB-gate

  • Soft-top convertible roof

  • 75 liter luggage space

  • Removable windows

  • Active or Touch style

  • Space for 2 people


Can I also get accessories for my Carver?

Yes, we have a number of accessories available for the Carver.

  • Rain cover

  • Universal phone holder

  • Adapter cable for charging stations

  • Impregnation spray

  • Cleaning shampoo

  • Window covers

Is the carver equipped with air conditioning?

The Carver is not equipped with air conditioning as standard. In the Carver R+ and S+, air conditioning can be purchased separately as an additional option.

Is the carver equipped with a heater?

There is no heater in the Carver. However, the ventilation on the side blows warm air and can therefore serve as a heater at the same time.

How much does the Carver weigh and what is its maximum permissible mass?

The weight including battery is 330 kg. The unladen mass (without battery) is 260 kg. The maximum weight allowed is 500 kg.

How much storage space does the Carver have?

The Carver has room for luggage on and around the passenger seat, with an additional 75 liters worth of baggage space in the back. Please make sure to not leave any loose items laying around in the Carver while driving, as this can cause dangerous situations.

Is it safe and allowed to transport a baby or child in the passenger seat?

Dutch legislation requires that the driver and passenger need to make use of the available seat belts. All passengers under the age of 18 years and whose height is below 1.35 meters, need to make use of an officially certified children’s safety seat. Carefully follow the instructions provided with the car seat. When in doubt, ask the manufacturer of the children’s safety seat for advice It is forbidden to carry more passengers than the amount of seat belts allow for.

Can I transport two small children on the passenger seat?

No, absolutely not! Although the Carver’s passenger seat is quite spacious, it is not safe to transport more than one passenger. You’re allowed to transport one person per seat belt: one driver in front and one passenger in the back.

How much does the Carver cost?

  • Carver Limited: from €9900,-

  • Carver Base from €10.990,-

  • Carver R+ starting at €13.490,-

  • Carver S+ starting at €14.490,-


What kind of battery does the Carver use?

Carver Base and Limited

Battery type: LFP Battery capacity: 5.4 kWh

Carver R+ and S+

Battery type: Samsung SDI NCM Battery capacity: 7.1 kWh

How do I charge the Carver?

To charge the Carver you take the cord, found at the back of the vehicle. his cord is attached to the vehicle and rolls up automatically. Charging can be done via a regular 230 V outlet, or via a charging station with an adapter cable.

How long does it take to charge a Carver?

Carver Base and Limited

80%: 4 hours 100%: 5 hours

Carver R+ and S+

80%: 3 hours 100%: 3 hours and 45 minutes

How much does it cost to charge my Carver?

You pay approximately € 1,25- for a full charge.

Is it harmful to the battery if I charge my Carver when it’s still 30% full?

No. The Carver uses a Lithium Iron Phosphate battery. This type of battery does not lose any of its quality or capacity if you charge it when it’s half full. To preserve the life of the battery, it is recommended to regularly charge the battery to 100%.

Can I charge my Carver at a car charging station on the street?

You can charge your Carver at a charging station with a converter to 230 V. We offer this via our webshop as an extra accessory. It is not possible to Fast Charge the Carver via a fast charging station.

Does the Carver make use of regenerative braking?

Yes, the Carver makes use of regenerative braking, thus the battery will recharge some of its power while descending or braking.

What is the battery’s life span?

Unfortunately, there is little to say about the expected life of the battery at this time, we have not yet been able to test this in practice so it is unknown how the battery will perform over a longer period of time. It is expected that the battery will last at least ten years, but that is still an estimate at this time.


Where can I insure my Carver?

The Carver Base and R+ are registered as mopeds. The Carver S+ is registered as a motorcycle. In the Netherlands, you are obliged to take out third-party insurance when purchasing a moped or motorcycle. This can be done at:

When you buy a Carver Limited you can apply for an insurance with our insurance partner:


What’s the duration of the warranty?

All Carver products are covered by a 2-year warranty. For the battery, there is a period of 2 years or 1,000 charging cycles depending on which condition occurs earlier. The warranty period shall commence at the time of delivery to the customer.

What’s included in the warranty?

The warranty will be due only in case of defects or production’s noncompliance of the product, and only when the product has been used under the terms established in the user manual.

What’s not included in the warranty?

Tires are not included in the warranty.

What actions would nullify the warranty of your Carver?

In the following cases, the warranty lapses or a claim under the warranty is excluded:

  • The product has been used improperly or carelessly or has been damaged by a traffic accident or fall;

  • The damage is due to normal wear and tear;

  • The product has not been sufficiently maintained by the Customer

  • Repairs have been carried out improperly or not by Carver or a third party designated by Carver;

  • Non-original parts have been used for repairs;

  • The product has been changed;

  • Climatic influences such as normal weathering or discoloration of (parts of) the product;

  • When the product has been used for rental.

Note: Only the first owner is entitled to a warranty. The warranty is not transferable.

What’s the warranty on the battery?

Carver lithium batteries are covered by a warranty for material and/ or manufacturing defects for a period of 24 months or 1000 recharge cycles, depending on the first to occur. *Replacement of a non-defective battery is only done when the battery capacity is less than 70%.

What actions would nullify the warranty of the battery?

The warranty ends immediately in case of modifications and/or unauthorized repairs of the battery, or when the defect or non-compliance is communicated to Carver or service partner Moobi more than 7 calendar days after the receipt of the goods, or from the date of notification of the defect or non-conformity. Only Carver-certified technicians are authorized to open the battery, otherwise the warranty becomes null and void.

How do I make a warranty claim?

The customer can only make a claim under the guarantee if the original purchase receipt and packing slip can be shown to Carver. Only the first owner is entitled to the warranty. The warranty is not transferable.

  1. Defects and claims under this warranty must be filed by the Customer to Carver by e-mail, stating the order number and photo of the relevant part, within 7 calendar days after discovery of the defect. Should it be necessary for Carver to inspect the product in order to assess the defect/claim, Carver may require that it inspects the product for review and an appropriate solution for the inspection will be sought in consultation with the Customer.

  2. Carver reserves the right to determine whether the product or a part qualifies for repair or replacement. In case of replacement, the product becomes (again) the property of Carver.

  3. Carver will acknowledge or reject the claim within a reasonable period of time.

  4. Any costs of transport of (parts of) the product to and from Carver shall be borne by the Customer, unless the defect is covered by the warranty.


How often does my Carver require maintenance?

Your Carver will stay in top condition if you follow the recommended maintenance intervals. ● The small maintenance check every 4,000 km (or once a year, whichever comes first) ● The major maintenance check every 8,000 km (or every 2 years, whichever comes first) These maintenance checks, performed by a Carver-approved technician or mechanic, are mandatory during the vehicle’s warranty period. These checks are recorded by our service partners

What gets checked during maintenance?

We will check the following during a maintenance check;

  • Windscreen washer fluid level

  • Brake fluid level

  • Dashboard functionality (windscreen wiper, horn etc.)

  • Lighting

  • Doors, locks, seats and rear storage

  • Control shaft functionality

  • Wheel suspension

  • Tire pressure and wear

  • Handbrake check

  • Brake pads and discs

Finally, a test drive is done to ensure proper functionality of the Carver.

What are the costs of maintenance service?

The cost of a service depends on the time of the Carver certified mechanic plus the cost of repairs not covered by insurance. Contact one of our service outlets near you for more information on this.

What do I do if my Carver is damaged?

Contact one of our service points near you for an appointment.

My Carver has broken down. Who do I contact?

Please contact Carver Support at +31 (0)85-1302484 or email If roadside assistance is included in your insurance, please contact VHD at the phone number provided on your insurance card.

Where can I get service?

It is possible to get service at the Carver factory in Leeuwarden or at one of the service points.

Can I have repairs carried out by a third party?

Having repairs carried out by a third party will immediately nullify the warranty on your Carver. Repairs should only be carried out by a Carver-certified mechanic.


I don’t live in the Netherlands. Can I order a Carver?

We currently only sell the Carver within the Netherlands. In the future we will also evaluate market opportunities in other countries but we would need to extend our service and support network first before venturing abroad.


Of course you are free to order a Carver and have it shipped to your country at your own initiative. Please note that the vehicle might not be adapted to your country’s (safety) standards. The Carver has received EU type approval for vehicle class L2e and it comes with an EU household Shuko plug for charging and a KPH display. If your country has different requirements you will need to make changes to the Carver yourself.


Furthermore, arranging shipping, insurance, and maintenance will all be your own responsibility. The warranty will also quickly become void because you need regular maintenance from a Carver-certified mechanic in order to keep the warranty and this is currently only possible within the Netherlands.

How can I request a quote?

Go to in case you want to purchase a Carver for business purposes and/or for multiple Carvers.

Can I lease a Carver?

Yes, it is possible to lease a Carver. This can be both business and private. The lease pages also contain specific questions and answers about the various lease options.

Can I test drive the Carver?

Yes! For more information take a look at:

Is it possible to test drive the Carver with a larger group?

Yes, of course. The size of the group depends on the location and the local Corona guidelines. Leave us a message at and we’ll get back to you.

What is the delivery time for the Carver?

We aim to have the Carver delivered within 2-4 weeks. We will contact you 1 week before delivery.

How will my Carver be delivered?

You can pick up your Carver for free at the Carver Assemblage factory in Leeuwarden. You also have the option to have your Carver delivered to the nearest James Autoservice branch or at home for € 240.

Is the Carver available through a dealer?

Yes! There are a number of James Autoservice branches where you can try out and purchase the Carver. Have a look at our Test Drive page to see which dealers can help you with a purchase


How can I contact you?

Go to

How can I submit a complaint?

It is important to us that all our customers are satisfied with the Carver and our service. If this is not the case, we would appreciate it if you would let us know, so that we can continue to improve our product and service.

  • By phone. Please contact us between 9:00 and 17:00 on +31 (0)85-1302484 and one of our employees will help you further. On Fridays we are available by phone until 3 pm. One of our employees will help you as best as possible to find a solution. Should you not be able to solve the problem in one go, there will of course be a follow-up.

  • In writing. . Send us an email at We will respond within 3 working days.

How can I submit a GDPR request?

Send us an email at Please use the words “GDPR request” in the subject line. We will reply as soon as possible and in any event within one month (30 days) following our receipt of your written request.




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